1. I think what Zhao Jun did was wrong on so many levels.  It really is messed up that he capitalized on other artists’ hard work without their permission and he should have to fork over all the profits that he has earned.  I think this is an important lesson on why copyright protection is so valuable and artists should not take their work for granted.

2.While they are forms of expression, I tend to not like the re-mixes and re-mashes.  To me, the original is creative enough and when someone else comes along and takes another persons work, it sort of makes me feel like they are saying “Hey, I like your work, but I think it would be better this way.”  At least that is how I feel in most cases.  Every now and then, a new form does come out of it, but in most cases, it just seems to be a different take on something that is okay the way it is in the first place.  Of course, this happens mostly with music, which to me is still a form of art.

3. is a video of Charlie Bit Me Re-Mix that was uploaded to YouTube by sign543.  Its a re-mix of a kind of funny video involving 2 brothers when one sticks his hand in the others mouth and his baby brother bites him.

4. I think Creative Commons is a wonderful site and great idea that can be useful for a lot of people to use.  While I am not sure that Creative Commons can really help my organization, I do feel like it is a beneficial to use if we were trying to put out video ads to attract people to our cause.  I can think that it would be awesome for a side project in using them while capturing adventures on camera.

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