Discussion 10 Questions

1. In regards to the change of demographics and the effect it will have over giving over the next 20 years, I think it is important to at least monitor how current demographics give at the moment to see how that could possibly fluctuate then.  I think that certain people in certain demographics will continue to give the way that they do now.  People from all different background are more likely to give to charities and organizations that they support and support them in return, ones that they readily identify with and believe in them and their cause. I do think because of social media will only increase the frequency and the ability for people to give to an organization that is located in another region from them within the next 20 years.

2. I think, not just Arts Organizations, but all should keep some information that pertains to donors as it will allow for organizations to zero in on donors that actually give to their organization and would allow them to build  a base to target people who fit the billing.  I do think that personal information that is not relevant to donations should not be used.  Information such as account number, social security numbers, and others that pertain sensitive information should not be kept.  The only information that should be kept is a donor history log and interests that would allow an organization to make a judgment on how much to ask for and if there is a certain project that the donor may feel passionate about.

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