Module 6 Discussion Questions

In regards to purchasing an arts product, out of product, price, place, or promotion of the product, the quality of the product is most important out of the four P’s as they are known.  Why you ask? At the end of the day, I think its best if you get the most bang for you buck, but sometimes, you may have to spend a little extra, but you know what you are getting for your money.  Its a lot better of spending money on a product that is heavily promoted that turns out to be very cheap in quality, and you end up having to pay more to replace it.  Its best to seek out the most decent quality of product.  After product selection, I would say price would come in a close second as you may find yourself with a limited budget.  In responding to marketing mixes, I respond best to the two of product and price.  I am not really worried about place or promotion, as I want to know what I am getting with regards to what I am spending.  In terms of spending and place, I can see an argument that could be a viable number two option, however, I would be upset with myself if I squandered my time and money for something that was not worth it.

The marketing segments I would use for plays, musicals, dance, orchestras/symphonies would be a combination of promotion and place.  It would be important to get word out to the target audiences that something they would be interested in seeing while also informing them of where it will be displayed.  For museum organizations, I would say promotion and price, as it is important to point out any kind of new exhibits and events that will be going on and how much it is going to cost for attending such events.  I would say that with regards to attending operas, people would also be willing to attend musical plays, ballet, and quite possibly plays as well, as they exhibit some elements of opera within their medium to a degree.  I think this type of crossover occurs a lot as people want to be continuously entertain, and would find all of them very fulfilling.

The organization I am creating falls into attracting a younger audience where they are getting life lessons while having fun in sports that are both challenging and rewarding.  It could occur to eventually take people who suffer from such as domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorders, etc., and create a program that caters to their needs in helping re-instill confidence and willpower back into them, but as of right now, I have concentrated on at-risk and recovering youths who are in desperate need of mentoring and guidance so they can succeed in life.  I would say that there would be a lot of interest to targeted audiences for the organization, especially more so on the psychographic profiling side, and that there would be an abundance of targeted demographic profiles within the area pretty much everywhere for my organization.

In terms of partnerships, I have identified several that would be fitting for my organization.  First on the local level, a partnership with Coastal Climbing Gym and Half Moon Outfitters would be ideal on the local level in terms of garnering promotion of the organization, potential donations, and attracting local volunteers who have experience and knowledge of the outdoors.  On a much larger scale, I would look at organizations such as Black Diamond, Petzl, and Go Pro that would also do the same while also seek out either reduced costs or gear that they would be willing to donate to the organization.

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One thought on “Module 6 Discussion Questions

  1. Thoughtful. For me personally, I also tend to gravitate towards product and price. I would agree with you on the promotion of plays, museums, etc. I looks like you started addressing vision and mission statement here (Module 4). Thanks for organizing your posts and getting caught up.

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