Module 3 Discussion Questions

1.  In regards to whether government, business, and social service organizations can effectively solve problems that our society faces today, I think they can collectively, but it won’t be easy.  The biggest issue that faces our society is the issue of gainful employment within our nation.  I say gainful because having 2 or 3 part time jobs will enable people to squeak by, but eventually, people may burn out and crash.  Also, they most likely do not have any real type of benefits such as health insurance to go along with their part-time jobs.  The significance of being gainfully employed allows for people to have extra money and spend it which helps boost the economy.  When people can spend money, they tend to be a little more extravagant in going to movies, concerts, showings, festivals.  This helps boost organizations, especially locally, which helps them expand.  The big problem that organization faces is trying to find “the right people to get on the right bus” and in order to accomplish this task, it needs to start with the educational system.  Instead of cutting the education and handcuffing school districts and teachers with rules and regulations, we need to start to make our educational system that focuses squarely on properly educating kids in an effective manner where they are placed in a proper curriculum based on their abilities.  I also think, which has started to happen with some companies (most notably Apple and Coleman) is that jobs need to be brought back to the U.S.  We spent too many years sending jobs overseas and became a country that has to rely on other countries for means of production.  I think we need to become a society that continues to produce products for it’s citizens by it’s citizens.  This will aid in increasing gainful employment opportunities which will allow individuals to partake in the many luxuries of events and festivals that enable organizations to remain a integral part of our society.

2.  I see that in future arts participation through the use of technologies such as the internet, I see that artists will try to connect with groups that share the vision and values through the use of segmentation.  I feel that artists will cater their work to certain groups and that through the use of the internet and creation of websites will allow them more freedom in truly being able to express themselves.  Before the technology explosion of social media, the article notes that artists were having a hard time in being able to create their art the way they truly wanted to because of the audience that they had to adhere too.  The advantage of social media allows artists to connect to people they wouldn’t have been able too at earlier points in time.  Its relatively easy now to make connections to people who live in New York and LA when you live in the South through such a platform and with the information that is posted on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website, allows you to connect accordingly to the populations that reside within in each region (Finding Your Audience 3.4).  Marketing Segmentation will allow artists to properly identify specific groups that he/she would readily identify with their work and through being able to thoroughly research (Ch 3.14-3.16), they can create art in context to the groups they identify with.

Vitale, Dona. “Finding Your Audience Through Market Segmentation.” National Arts Marketing Project. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 3.1-.29. Web. 15 Feb. 2013.

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One thought on “Module 3 Discussion Questions

  1. I agree, gainful employment is very important and also including the arts in general education. Social media and the Internet does make it easier for artists to connect with market segments that they might not have had access to in the past. Good citation and thoughtful post.

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