Module 2 Questions

Spring Term Project Thoughts:

I plan on creating a hypothetical organization that seeks to teach older kids, either from at-risk neighborhoods or have recovered from illnesses such as cancer, through utilizing outdoor education.  Sports such as white-water rafting, rock climbing, sailing, where they learn important life lessons as well as overcoming obstacles that will boost their confidence that will help them through future challenges they may face later on in life.

Discussion Questions:

1. I would say that the arts organizations within Charleston have utilized the use of technology by creating their own websites and have also reached out to potential clientele through the use of Twitter, Facebook, Stumblers, etc.  I would say that they use sites for maximum exposure while aiming to increase their clientele base.  Resources are scarce, especially financial resources, and Arts Organizations are doing what they feel is necessary to attract as many clientele to their showings and events they host as much as possible, while also trying to increase attendance to traditional visits. This is to give audiences 24/7 access to their organization as the readings have suggested.

2. I would say goals that measure success is attendance and donations.  I would say that having increase in both would be seen as success while a decrease in would be costly as these two goals are in most cases relative to each other.  I say most cases because it is possible to have an increase in attendance with a decrease in donations and vice versa.  However, it could be natural to assume, that in most cases, when one goes up, the other goes up, and when one goes down, the other goes down.  These two areas are key to arts organizations as they also allow for an expansion or possible reduction in events and showings that an organization may put on to attract greater numbers of potential clientele.

3. I would say that it is important for arts organizations to take a business mentality because they are in need to maximize their financial intake. In being able to measure an organization of how they operate like a business or not, it would depend on measuring their increase in capital, especially human and financial.  Art Organizations are providing a product in the form of showings, events, productions, etc., like a business and rely on the money they raise to maintain or growth their organization.

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One thought on “Module 2 Questions

  1. Thoughtful post. It is becoming increasingly important for arts organizations to run like a business.

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