Job Description

Learning 2 Ascend: Assistant Program Coordinator

Learning 2 Ascend is seeking an energetic and enthusiastic individual for our organization.  They will be working with people within the organization as well as with at-risk youths and kids who have recovered from illnesses such as cancer. They will report to the Program Coordinator, and will get hands on experience with learning how to coordinate our programs that we offer to the kids we serve.


The responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting with budgeting, planning, and implementing programs that we offer while also trying to assist in creating new programs that may be insightful to the kids we are helping.  They will be responsible for assisting with planning outings that will be taken throughout the year and in locating potential new places for us to take kids on adventures.  This position will also call for some hands on instruction as they will also be taking kids on trips to many of the outdoor outings that we have planned.

They will also assist with the loading/unloading of the vans/buses, and will share some of the driving responsibilities to and from locations on the outings.



This individual must have knowledge in at least 1 of the following outdoor recreation sports such as rock climbing, white-water rafting, or sailing with the proper certifications for their respective field as well as having basic medical certifications such as CPR. Individual must also possess a strong understanding of the outdoors.

They will need to provide their own personal outdoor equipment such as sleeping bag, tent, and pack.  Any other outdoor gear that is needed will be provided by L2A.

Must be an organized individual who also possess strong writing skills, organizational skills, and is detail-oriented.

Must be in good health and will be required to provide a physical, and must also be able to lift at least 50lbs.

Must be able to acquire a valid CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), and provide a 5 year driving history.

Degree in Outdoor Education or accredited through NOLS is preferred but not required.


Available Training

We will seek to have proper medical training with Wilderness First Responders (WFR) to prepare for potential hazards that may arise from in the field work.  We will also send to classes for refresher training at the local climbing wall that are taught by certified instructors.


This position starts at $28,000/year

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One thought on “Job Description

  1. Good description. CPR training and CDL would be extremely important. Also preference for degree in Outdoor education. Is there a minimum amount of education you would accept for the position?

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