Module 1 Discussion Questions

As far as organizations within the local community, I haven’t really followed Arts, but I did read about the struggles of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and that they are having issues with attendance to their shows which is a prime source of funding for them. This is probably in response to the state of the economy that a reasonable percentage of people have stopped attending shows that have had a consequential effect on the Orchestra’s budget constraints which has resulted in a reduction of performances.

In answering the question of how I manage my life, I tend to take a planning approach in an organized manner.  I map out what I need to do and when I need to do it as far as personal needs, school, work, and military stuff.  They don’t necessarily fall in that order, as personal needs do come first, but the last 3 are kind of on even ground.  Sometimes, one can make the others more difficult to meet their needs, but I always seem to make it through.

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2 thoughts on “Module 1 Discussion Questions

  1.…….This article is outdated, but its the last time I read about an organization whose theme and mission is closely related to Art. Some will even consider it to be Art, and I agree but did not want to make assumptions in context of the subject to potential readers.

  2. Interesting example for the post. I had forgotten about this. Very relevant.

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