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Me climbing with an advertisement that could be used for a newsletter

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Discussion 10 Questions

1. In regards to the change of demographics and the effect it will have over giving over the next 20 years, I think it is important to at least monitor how current demographics give at the moment to see how that could possibly fluctuate then.  I think that certain people in certain demographics will continue to give the way that they do now.  People from all different background are more likely to give to charities and organizations that they support and support them in return, ones that they readily identify with and believe in them and their cause. I do think because of social media will only increase the frequency and the ability for people to give to an organization that is located in another region from them within the next 20 years.

2. I think, not just Arts Organizations, but all should keep some information that pertains to donors as it will allow for organizations to zero in on donors that actually give to their organization and would allow them to build  a base to target people who fit the billing.  I do think that personal information that is not relevant to donations should not be used.  Information such as account number, social security numbers, and others that pertain sensitive information should not be kept.  The only information that should be kept is a donor history log and interests that would allow an organization to make a judgment on how much to ask for and if there is a certain project that the donor may feel passionate about.

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Creative Commons Image

This is an image that can be use, as long it is attributed properly to user iwona_kellie.  The photo was found through Creative Commons Search and is on Flickr.

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1. I think what Zhao Jun did was wrong on so many levels.  It really is messed up that he capitalized on other artists’ hard work without their permission and he should have to fork over all the profits that he has earned.  I think this is an important lesson on why copyright protection is so valuable and artists should not take their work for granted.

2.While they are forms of expression, I tend to not like the re-mixes and re-mashes.  To me, the original is creative enough and when someone else comes along and takes another persons work, it sort of makes me feel like they are saying “Hey, I like your work, but I think it would be better this way.”  At least that is how I feel in most cases.  Every now and then, a new form does come out of it, but in most cases, it just seems to be a different take on something that is okay the way it is in the first place.  Of course, this happens mostly with music, which to me is still a form of art.

3. is a video of Charlie Bit Me Re-Mix that was uploaded to YouTube by sign543.  Its a re-mix of a kind of funny video involving 2 brothers when one sticks his hand in the others mouth and his baby brother bites him.

4. I think Creative Commons is a wonderful site and great idea that can be useful for a lot of people to use.  While I am not sure that Creative Commons can really help my organization, I do feel like it is a beneficial to use if we were trying to put out video ads to attract people to our cause.  I can think that it would be awesome for a side project in using them while capturing adventures on camera.

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Me climbing on one of the Three Bears Route at Pilot Mountain, NC

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Module 6 Discussion Questions

In regards to purchasing an arts product, out of product, price, place, or promotion of the product, the quality of the product is most important out of the four P’s as they are known.  Why you ask? At the end of the day, I think its best if you get the most bang for you buck, but sometimes, you may have to spend a little extra, but you know what you are getting for your money.  Its a lot better of spending money on a product that is heavily promoted that turns out to be very cheap in quality, and you end up having to pay more to replace it.  Its best to seek out the most decent quality of product.  After product selection, I would say price would come in a close second as you may find yourself with a limited budget.  In responding to marketing mixes, I respond best to the two of product and price.  I am not really worried about place or promotion, as I want to know what I am getting with regards to what I am spending.  In terms of spending and place, I can see an argument that could be a viable number two option, however, I would be upset with myself if I squandered my time and money for something that was not worth it.

The marketing segments I would use for plays, musicals, dance, orchestras/symphonies would be a combination of promotion and place.  It would be important to get word out to the target audiences that something they would be interested in seeing while also informing them of where it will be displayed.  For museum organizations, I would say promotion and price, as it is important to point out any kind of new exhibits and events that will be going on and how much it is going to cost for attending such events.  I would say that with regards to attending operas, people would also be willing to attend musical plays, ballet, and quite possibly plays as well, as they exhibit some elements of opera within their medium to a degree.  I think this type of crossover occurs a lot as people want to be continuously entertain, and would find all of them very fulfilling.

The organization I am creating falls into attracting a younger audience where they are getting life lessons while having fun in sports that are both challenging and rewarding.  It could occur to eventually take people who suffer from such as domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorders, etc., and create a program that caters to their needs in helping re-instill confidence and willpower back into them, but as of right now, I have concentrated on at-risk and recovering youths who are in desperate need of mentoring and guidance so they can succeed in life.  I would say that there would be a lot of interest to targeted audiences for the organization, especially more so on the psychographic profiling side, and that there would be an abundance of targeted demographic profiles within the area pretty much everywhere for my organization.

In terms of partnerships, I have identified several that would be fitting for my organization.  First on the local level, a partnership with Coastal Climbing Gym and Half Moon Outfitters would be ideal on the local level in terms of garnering promotion of the organization, potential donations, and attracting local volunteers who have experience and knowledge of the outdoors.  On a much larger scale, I would look at organizations such as Black Diamond, Petzl, and Go Pro that would also do the same while also seek out either reduced costs or gear that they would be willing to donate to the organization.

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Job Description

Learning 2 Ascend: Assistant Program Coordinator

Learning 2 Ascend is seeking an energetic and enthusiastic individual for our organization.  They will be working with people within the organization as well as with at-risk youths and kids who have recovered from illnesses such as cancer. They will report to the Program Coordinator, and will get hands on experience with learning how to coordinate our programs that we offer to the kids we serve.


The responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting with budgeting, planning, and implementing programs that we offer while also trying to assist in creating new programs that may be insightful to the kids we are helping.  They will be responsible for assisting with planning outings that will be taken throughout the year and in locating potential new places for us to take kids on adventures.  This position will also call for some hands on instruction as they will also be taking kids on trips to many of the outdoor outings that we have planned.

They will also assist with the loading/unloading of the vans/buses, and will share some of the driving responsibilities to and from locations on the outings.



This individual must have knowledge in at least 1 of the following outdoor recreation sports such as rock climbing, white-water rafting, or sailing with the proper certifications for their respective field as well as having basic medical certifications such as CPR. Individual must also possess a strong understanding of the outdoors.

They will need to provide their own personal outdoor equipment such as sleeping bag, tent, and pack.  Any other outdoor gear that is needed will be provided by L2A.

Must be an organized individual who also possess strong writing skills, organizational skills, and is detail-oriented.

Must be in good health and will be required to provide a physical, and must also be able to lift at least 50lbs.

Must be able to acquire a valid CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), and provide a 5 year driving history.

Degree in Outdoor Education or accredited through NOLS is preferred but not required.


Available Training

We will seek to have proper medical training with Wilderness First Responders (WFR) to prepare for potential hazards that may arise from in the field work.  We will also send to classes for refresher training at the local climbing wall that are taught by certified instructors.


This position starts at $28,000/year

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Module 5 Questions

Use of power in real life situations can be a very tricky in applying.  There is a fine line that is drawn between  ineffectively using power and effectively using power.  Ineffective use of power in leadership can be extremely disastrous to the team.  For example, when I was an assistant kitchen manager, the senior management in the restaurant was ineffective as they took care of themselves first and their employees second.  It felt as though there were at times when someone was in need of something it was kind of like “they can get over it” mentality.  Often times, with scheduling and preparation for certain days, it was set smoothly for certain individuals, but for others, they were left out to dry.  On days like the latter, prep lists would be so big that morning staff was there later than they should have been, food products ran out at a much earlier time or didn’t have enough to even to start due to an oversight and not properly being located in an efficient time frame.  Acts like these lead to lower quality of production of food which lead to higher number of complaints which lead to lower morale throughout the work staff. To make matters worse, corporate began making changes that has drastically altered a lot during the process which at times was also a bad thing.  Their goal was to increase sales and lower costs to ultimately increase profit.  The issues that arose from this part was that now positions were being cut and members had to carry a bigger load of the work before, and that meant that senior management from within the store needed to step up but it more times than not, it often felt as though they had stepped out.

Effective use of power in leadership has been displayed greatly throughout my military career from the start.  At Basic, I would say that the Drill Sergeants were leaders to look up too, and hope to emulate as what a soldier should be.  In the beginning of our time there, they broke us down and got us out of usual habits and into a routine mind set of “this is what I need to do so this is what I am going to do”.  There were times that when we stepped out of line, proper action was taken when necessary.  I remember when I went down with an injury during Field Training Exercises V, one Drill Sergeant stepped up to cover my stitches that I had just received on the palm of my hand in a way that allowed me to participate in the Night Infiltration Course.  Without my hand being bandaged a certain particular way, I would have never been able to make it through the course which was necessary for graduating.  I would say their leadership was a direct reflection of the leadership that displayed by the Company Commander, who himself was one time an enlisted man and a drill sergeant before commissioning as an officer.  I feel like he set a standard, and was very understanding, that other Company Commanders could or have not lived up too that I have since Basic.  He displayed an approach where he was more involved and around than was necessary (brought to our attention during an informal discussion session with the First Sergeant and Senior Drill Sergeant).

Discussion Question 2:

After reading the petition on, I would have to say that it appears that Sotheby represents all that is wrong with our society currently.  It represents the greed that takes control over companies that seek to build upon it further by finding exploitative means whenever they can.  Taking advantage of workers who handle priceless works of art by stripping away everything that they hold dear and then trying to hold their jobs for ransom so that they can milk out a million or two when they should probably be paying them a little more for the hard work that entails and for them making sure that the priceless works of art are taking care of properly.  It makes me upset that Sotheby would take such a snobbish approach to the workers who actually make the company what it is, an auction house.  They are the main reasons behind their reputation as they are the ones who take care of the art itself, and it buggers me that executives at the highest levels can pat themselves on the back but when it comes time to do the same to people they are in charge of, they seek to pull the rug out from under them.  I am just glad that the Art Handlers were able to get a victory over the executives in the end in getting many of their needs met through the negotiating process and were able to come out on top.  It makes me truly appreciate things such as

In fact I will take time out to share a petition that I recently signed and would like to share with the class and that is this one about Austin Leclaire who isn’t being given an experimental drug that is working for his little brother Max because Austin has been deemed too old for the drug as of right now…..

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Module 3 Discussion Questions

1.  In regards to whether government, business, and social service organizations can effectively solve problems that our society faces today, I think they can collectively, but it won’t be easy.  The biggest issue that faces our society is the issue of gainful employment within our nation.  I say gainful because having 2 or 3 part time jobs will enable people to squeak by, but eventually, people may burn out and crash.  Also, they most likely do not have any real type of benefits such as health insurance to go along with their part-time jobs.  The significance of being gainfully employed allows for people to have extra money and spend it which helps boost the economy.  When people can spend money, they tend to be a little more extravagant in going to movies, concerts, showings, festivals.  This helps boost organizations, especially locally, which helps them expand.  The big problem that organization faces is trying to find “the right people to get on the right bus” and in order to accomplish this task, it needs to start with the educational system.  Instead of cutting the education and handcuffing school districts and teachers with rules and regulations, we need to start to make our educational system that focuses squarely on properly educating kids in an effective manner where they are placed in a proper curriculum based on their abilities.  I also think, which has started to happen with some companies (most notably Apple and Coleman) is that jobs need to be brought back to the U.S.  We spent too many years sending jobs overseas and became a country that has to rely on other countries for means of production.  I think we need to become a society that continues to produce products for it’s citizens by it’s citizens.  This will aid in increasing gainful employment opportunities which will allow individuals to partake in the many luxuries of events and festivals that enable organizations to remain a integral part of our society.

2.  I see that in future arts participation through the use of technologies such as the internet, I see that artists will try to connect with groups that share the vision and values through the use of segmentation.  I feel that artists will cater their work to certain groups and that through the use of the internet and creation of websites will allow them more freedom in truly being able to express themselves.  Before the technology explosion of social media, the article notes that artists were having a hard time in being able to create their art the way they truly wanted to because of the audience that they had to adhere too.  The advantage of social media allows artists to connect to people they wouldn’t have been able too at earlier points in time.  Its relatively easy now to make connections to people who live in New York and LA when you live in the South through such a platform and with the information that is posted on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website, allows you to connect accordingly to the populations that reside within in each region (Finding Your Audience 3.4).  Marketing Segmentation will allow artists to properly identify specific groups that he/she would readily identify with their work and through being able to thoroughly research (Ch 3.14-3.16), they can create art in context to the groups they identify with.

Vitale, Dona. “Finding Your Audience Through Market Segmentation.” National Arts Marketing Project. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 3.1-.29. Web. 15 Feb. 2013.

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Module 2 Questions

Spring Term Project Thoughts:

I plan on creating a hypothetical organization that seeks to teach older kids, either from at-risk neighborhoods or have recovered from illnesses such as cancer, through utilizing outdoor education.  Sports such as white-water rafting, rock climbing, sailing, where they learn important life lessons as well as overcoming obstacles that will boost their confidence that will help them through future challenges they may face later on in life.

Discussion Questions:

1. I would say that the arts organizations within Charleston have utilized the use of technology by creating their own websites and have also reached out to potential clientele through the use of Twitter, Facebook, Stumblers, etc.  I would say that they use sites for maximum exposure while aiming to increase their clientele base.  Resources are scarce, especially financial resources, and Arts Organizations are doing what they feel is necessary to attract as many clientele to their showings and events they host as much as possible, while also trying to increase attendance to traditional visits. This is to give audiences 24/7 access to their organization as the readings have suggested.

2. I would say goals that measure success is attendance and donations.  I would say that having increase in both would be seen as success while a decrease in would be costly as these two goals are in most cases relative to each other.  I say most cases because it is possible to have an increase in attendance with a decrease in donations and vice versa.  However, it could be natural to assume, that in most cases, when one goes up, the other goes up, and when one goes down, the other goes down.  These two areas are key to arts organizations as they also allow for an expansion or possible reduction in events and showings that an organization may put on to attract greater numbers of potential clientele.

3. I would say that it is important for arts organizations to take a business mentality because they are in need to maximize their financial intake. In being able to measure an organization of how they operate like a business or not, it would depend on measuring their increase in capital, especially human and financial.  Art Organizations are providing a product in the form of showings, events, productions, etc., like a business and rely on the money they raise to maintain or growth their organization.

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